I thought it would be boring but we had so much fun! Thank you, it was a very good time.
— Aaban, 7 yrs old

Hi! I'm Tara O'Hehir

( O'Hehir is pronouced Oh-hair )

Tara's Journey As A Photographer.... So Far

I’ve been working as a passionate and award-winning Portrait Photographer for 12 years, specialising in fine art, travel, lifestyle, and family essence. I’ve had the joy of leading the team at some incredibly dynamic studios around the world, including Australia, England, Scotland, and Sri Lanka. Along with being a worldly Photographer, I'm also a Creative Director, an Image Retoucher, and an Educator.

Tara's Mission

As time passed and my photography adventures expanded, it became abundantly clear to me that I’d found my purpose and inner joy by connecting families like yours with the very spirit that brings you together. There is an overwhelming soul satisfaction in spending a day together with yourself and the kids, camera on hand, recording the story of your life. Or just the story of that day! Along with its mini mishaps, some laughs and hopefully a cup of coffee. It’s really a pleasure and an honour to capture this with you, and for you. My personalised sessions are designed to bring out the best in everyone’s unique character. And as a sincere celebration of your personality, the kids have an absolute blast too! I have seen these sessions become a kaleidoscopic exhibition of fun and serenity in the one day. My hope is to see the magic in these photographs be passed onto your children and their children, as a deeply loving and enriching gift that tells a story for generations.